Interesting tool to find prospects email addresses (

How to find prospects email addresses

I have tested a nice solution to find prospects email addresses:


getemail web


As a sales director one of the main pain is lead generation. This is the main topic to have in mind in order to drive sales. The lead is where everything start. The lead is the starter point that allow you to design your sales funnel, create a pipeline, monitor the sales cycle, improve the steps that do not convert at the best and, of course convert opportunities to sales.

To perform well in sales, you need to have good leads, you need to attract the right prospect with the right message.

There are many way to generate leads and there is not only one right model. the “right” solution is to adopt a mix strategy, taking well in mind to contextualize your approach within your business model. The way depend what you are selling (the product, but also the experience) and which is the target you want to reach.

In B2B sales Linkedin is one of the most interesting tool, I think everyone knows this. There are thousand of courses on how to use it at its best, in order to generate  leads that convert. Yes, you have to pay a bit, a premium program or the full sales package, but you can find your leads if you use it properly. – This is an effective tool

I have recently tested a nice product called that help you to find email addresses from Linkedin profile. There are many product like this, but in this case I have found it very effective and easy to use.

The use experience is immediate, you start with a Chrome extension. The extension adds a button on every profile you visit on Linkedin. At this point, just check the box and ask for the company email. In few seconds you can log into the dashboard and have the email address, verified. There are several integration available and you have what you can expect from this kind of solution.

What impressed most me, was the success rate I could get. I collected several mail address and I have create a Mailchimp campaign. The bounce rate of the mail get from was really low, less than 4%. All the other email addresses was real and correct, and most important, I have obtained an opening rate on Mailchimp far higher than my average.

Strongly suggested, it worth a try. Here the link

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